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Brand Development

Magnetic Brand Development with Threems

It’s more than guidance for your logo and website development. Brand development creates a strong foundation for your company’s go-to-market approach and long term winning strategy.

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Why is branding so important to a business?

In essence, your brand is how you are noticed by your audience. It’s the story you tell them and the promises you make them. It affects customers’ perception of your company, and determines how they will interact with it over a period of time. 

In that sense, it’s an asset that isn’t easy to grasp with precise numbers, but its value is beyond calculation. A business is only as strong as the visibility and reach of its brand, and solid brand building is vital to any company because it can affect its objectives, long-term results and even the definition of who its customers are.

Brand development strategies are essential to any business plan because they will help establish and sustain a vision along the way, allowing future projects to be developed under this vision, and to grow in their respective markets. 

At Threems, we work as a brand development agency with services such as brand strategy consultancy, branding campaigns, market research and much more.

Our branding services are designed to show your company to the world, engaging with your potential customers and allowing your organization’s visibility to grow.

Your bootstrapped brand can’t take you where you need to go. We can change that.

We’ve seen too many NGO’s and businesses miss the mark with branding and never reach their full potential. That’s why we offer comprehensive brand development services including two workshops, to give you the solid brand foundation you need to scale your business and win in the market.


Start from scratch or fill in the gaps, we help with both.

We work closely with you to define your brand and create a powerful brand strategy. We audit any existing brand assets, create a comprehensive strategic brief, and then lead a discovery and development process where we create and refine your brand.

Participate in our Brand Development Workshop

Our Brand Development Workshop helps your business clarify your brand purpose, market positioning, audience personas, brand differentiators, brand character, and more. It’s the external perspective you need, in a fun and engaging format.

Get your whole team involved

Brand development is a collaborative process. Sales, marketing, customer service – every department sees your brand a little differently. We invite all relevant stakeholders to participate because the best ideas happen when we put our heads together.
Brand Development Services

Powerful Potential In Brand Development