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Organic or Paid Traffic: What Next After You Find Your Ideal Clients?

A successful business requires an in-flow of income via sales of products or services. Finding your ideal client, as a business owner, is central to this happening. You want your message to speak to them, convince them and convert them, rather than reaching out to a bunch of uninterested people. But there’s a snag: How do you pass your message across once you found your ideal client? This stage of digital marketing is not the most complex. However, it can undo all the hard work of creating a solid Customer Avatar. If you’re stuck, we’ve got great news for you. Dear business owner, all the ways you have probably considered in your head fall into two categories:
  • Organic Traffic
  • Paid Traffic
From having a large billboard advertising your business on a busy route in your city to social media posts, search engine marketing and all, they all fall in one of these two categories. Now, before you start looking for you apply for the next paid traffic training or try to learn more about how to increase organic traffic, there is an important question that must be answered.

Organic Traffic or Paid Traffic: Which of these two is more effective?

Paid traffic for blogs
Organic or Paid Traffic: What’s your business strategy?
Effective, in this context, is generally defined by you. You know your business and have set targets. Your choice of a source of traffic to either your website, your landing page or even social media post will be determined by what goals you want to achieve. And for various business owners, these goals vary, including:
  • Gathering a large base of followers
  • Compiling a list of leads
  • Making sales (of course)
  • Retargeting
If you’re looking to make sales off the bat, then the paid traffic will be your best bet. This doesn’t mean getting more organic traffic for, say your blog, is not good. There are many reasons why organic traffic is important. With it, you learn the process of building a business, especially the marketing aspect, one block at a time. For some other business owners, this process is too long. And if you fall into this category, it’s important to consider and start finding paid traffic sources, among other things. We will touch on this more in subsequent blog posts. But now, you understand that starting off your business is not enough. You need to make sales for a flow of income. And to do this, two of your best bets are organic traffic and paid traffic. The question now is, which one will you prefer as a tool to grow your business? Drop your comments below as we’d love to hear from you. P.S: Let us help you handle your search for a traffic of high-paying clients (organic or PAID). With our team of experienced and seasoned professionals plus testimonials to back up our claims, we’re the best value for money. Reach out to us today and let’s discuss your marketing needs.